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LOKAL Lists: 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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So, business is booming, and you feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions. There’s too much on your plate and you NEED help! Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can be just the person who can rescue you, but there are a few things to know before hiring someone. Here are five things you should consider or think about before hiring a VA. 

The List

  1. Know how to delegate
    • It’s hard letting things go, trusting a stranger to do what you’ve been doing for so long. But, delegating duties will allow you to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Start by giving your VA small tasks that won’t disrupt your business too much if things don’t go well. Then, over time, if he or she proves trustworthy and competent, you can assign more and more complex or serious tasks.
  2. Know what your VA will do
    • There are so many things a VA can do and knowing what you want/need help with is important. Which repetitive tasks can you give up? What are things that you don’t like to do but are important for business? What tasks have been on your to-do list forever? These are things you can assign to your VA.  
  3. Be specific
    • Making a list of specific job duties your VA will do will set you and him or her up for success. Being too general will leave too much room for interpretation and idle time, and results may be subpar. The list of duties you create in the beginning will grow over time. Once you figure out what skills your VA is good at, you can tailor the duties to take advantage of those skills. 
  4. Prepare for training and learning curves
    • Don’t expect a VA to come in and know everything right off the bat. You will have to train and spend time with him or her, especially if you’re particular in your style. Your VA should have some broadly applicable skills, but he or she will need time to get to know you and your business. It may seem like a lot of time and work upfront, but in the long term you’ll be better off setting a solid foundation in the beginning.  
  5. Expect turnover
    • We’d love to tell you that your first hire will be amazing and perfect and everything you’ve been looking for. But the reality is that that probably won’t be the case. It may take you awhile to find the perfect match. Think of hiring a virtual assistant like dating—there are going to be a lot of left swipes and bad first dates (aka interviews) before you find the one

What’s Your Advice for Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

We’d love to hear your tips, tricks, good stories, or horror stories about your virtual assistant experiences. Drop us a line, or, if you’re in Tbilisi, come in and tell us in person.

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