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What People Are Saying About Us

We don't want to brag, but people seem to really like it here.

This is such a wonderful expat hangout! Candy does an amazing job of organizing and hosting events. I stayed in Tbilisi 3 months longer than I originally intended because of the community here I highly recommend all their events!

Joe Schlabach


We spent a lot of time at Lokal in the midst of the Pandemic attending their regular events such as the trivia night and the board game night. It's a great social space with a lovely atmosphere. Good food and drinks are available. When we are back in Tbilisi we are sure to go back. The staff are super friendly and make you feel at home. Would 100% recommend

David Remon

LOKAL has an amazing team with even better ability to be humble and giving to the community. Love their weekly board game night and the community they have fostered.

Keaton Rice

Keaton Rice

LOKAL has been a huge contributor to making Tbilisi feel like home for me over the past few years! Great variety of community events; lovely garden, patio, and indoor spaces for coworking; friendly staff and atmosphere; great selection of beverages (coffee, tea, craft beer, kombucha, etc.); and diverse community of international and local people.

Laurel Ronning

Laurel Ronning

U.S.A. & South Africa

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LOKAL’s cowork and colive are closed right now (for more information, please read our announcement.)

But we are still keeping the LOKAL community going with our partner events! Check out our calendar below: