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Freelancer Permit for travel to Georgia (the country)

freelancer visa georgia


The Georgian government made an announcement of the initiative to allow freelancers and remote workers to work remotely from Georgia in mid-July. Since the announcement, there’s been a substantial uptick in chatter about and interest in Georgia – digital nomads are excited about the opportunity to work and live here. 

What’s the Freelancer Permit Status? Can I get to Georgia now as a Freelancer or Self-employed worker?

The Freelancer Permit is intended for those self-employed or working as freelancers to obtain entry into Georgia. This permit will provide an option for entry to those that are wishing to stay a minimum of 6 months. Georgia offers visa stays of 360 days for citizens of many countries. However, getting to Georgia right now is the issue. The freelancer/self-employed permit will work around the current issues of getting to Georgia.

Current Status


The application for the Freelancer/Self-employed Permit is now available. Requirements are listed below and translated from a section of: 


Article 2. Rules for filling in the application in the electronic program

  1. The application shall be filled in the electronic program and submitted to the consenting body:
    • By a person wishing to carry out business / labor activities remotely outside Georgia;
    • By a person with a representative authority certified in accordance with the rules established by law.
  2. In case of implementation of the actions provided for in this Rule by a person with a representative authority certified in accordance with the rules established by law, a document certifying the relevant authority shall be submitted to the consenting body.
  3. The application is filled in the electronic program.
  4. The application in the electronic program is filled in English. The first and last name column is filled in as the transcript indicates in the official document.
  5. The person filling in the application is obliged to provide the following:
    • Upload a copy of the current passport
    • Provide information about personal data (name, surname, personal number, address)
    • Provide information about the foreign employer, contact information of the foreign employer, information about the job position and income,
    • Proof of income received during the year (bank statement or any other supporting document), which must be equivalent to at least USD 2,000 per month
    • Advance proof of mandatory 12-day quarantine (an alien who has entered Georgia in accordance with the requirements of this program is required to , When entering Georgia, pass a mandatory 12-day quarantine at their own expense, And after passing the 12-day mandatory quarantine to conduct PCR testing at their own expense)
    • Compulsory health insurance valid for at least 6 months and a power of attorney in case of representative authority.
  6. The person filling in the application is responsible for the information provided in the application and its accuracy.

In addition to the translated list above, the application requires an uploaded file of the Company ownership or partnership statement.

It’s important to note that once someone is admitted to the country, they have all the same rights as they’ve always had, (i.e. 360 day stay) depending on their country of citizenship and the exact immigration rules that apply.

Anticipated Costs for Freelancer/Self-Employed Entry to Georgia

  • Quarantine: Average = 12 night quarantine ~ $1000 (60-140GEL/night)
  • PCR Testing = 1 PCR test ~$50 (150-200GEL)
  • 6 Months Travel Insurance = varied cost


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Getting to Georgia

The current lack of flights poses an issue with actually getting to Georgia. There are a few flights from Berlin, Germany via Georgian Airways and Lufthansa. For USA travelers, flights are operating with Delta, AirFrance, and KLM out of NYC. From Bangkok, AirFrance and KLM have operating flights to Georgia.

Entry to Georgia outside of the Freelancer/Self-Employed Permit

Citizens from the following countries are allowed entry to Georgia: Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, France, and Latvia. Citizens and legal residents of these countries, must pre-register before visiting Georgia. These visitors to Georgia will not need to quarantine upon arrival.


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