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Letter to our LOKAL Community during COVID Pandemic

Hi CoWorkers!!

I truly hope that this email finds you safe and healthy. It’s been a trying time for all of us, but hopefully you are settled into the new ‘new’, feeling like you’re ready to tackle life day by day. We’ve all had a slap in the face; many of you are out of work, far away from your family and support systems. To you, all I can say is stay strong and please reach out. Reach out to your family, your friends, and the LOKAL community. We’re all in this together and are here for each other. 

What’s going on at LOKAL? 

During the first month of closure, I moved activities and events online. Many of our virtual events are having great attendance. As we strive to bring events that have value to our members during this time, we appreciate your attendance, support, and shares. Although our doors are closed for now, we hope to continue engaging the LOKAL community. 

Now that I’ve personally gotten to a point of stability and acclimated to the changes, I’m ready to begin thinking about the future for LOKAL. 

What’s in store for the LOKAL Community?

I have decided to scale back on the number and type of virtual events that LOKAL personally hosts. There are so many great options out there for the virtual community to engage in that I feel my time and efforts can be put to better use. You’re going to see fewer LOKAL hosted events, and a lot more shared, and collaborative events from external entities as well as local businesses. 

LOKAL will continue to host select high-quality virtual events tailored specifically for you. Our goal is to provide events that benefit your business, life and communities as well as supporting the local community. Please feel free to share these virtual events with your extended network. 

How is LOKAL preparing for the return to normalcy? 

LOKAL is considering workplace strategies and changes to our coworking space to make it a better (and safer) place for you in the future. According to FORBES: “Community strength will be essential in helping people reconnect, build new networks, and support each other.” LOKAL will be ready to be that strength for you when the time comes. 

LOKAL is anticipating the new needs and demands of coworkers (post-COVID) and reimagining how this looks in our workspace. We are working hard to implement new measures so we’re ready when you are:

  • Optimizing the cowork to accommodate more space per coworker. With the 2-meter personal-distance recommendations, we want to make sure that you are comfortable and safe when returning to LOKAL for your coworking needs. 
  • Modifying current cleaning processes and implementing enhanced cleaning throughout the entire property to prioritize members’ health. 
  • Creating ‘clean desk’ policies.
  • Modifying the common space/equipment use in order to minimize the risk for cross-contamination and infection. 
  • Implementing new policies/procedures for booking our meeting rooms and securing private spaces to work. 
  • Identifying opportunities to provide additional private office spaces, call rooms, and dedicated desks. 
  • Implementing mentor programs to help members build networks, learn from and support one another. 

More than anything, the LOKAL community is foremost on our minds, as we prepare for the future. Do you have suggestions? We want to hear them! Interested in getting involved? Let us know how you can help! Want to help us financially as we make the transition? Consider making a donation (PayPal.me/lokaltbilisi)!

We value your engagement and commitment to the incredible community here at LOKAL, and cannot wait to see you all again soon. 



LOKAL’s cowork and colive are closed right now (for more information, please read our announcement.)

But we are still keeping the LOKAL community going with our partner events! Check out our calendar below: