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LOKAL Lists: 6 Free Online Workout Channels

6 Free Online Workout Channels to Stay Fit at Home

Man doing free online workouts to stay fit

With a plethora of free online workouts, it’s easy to stay fit while staying at home. And, even though things are starting to open, it’s going to be a bit longer before gyms open up. Try one of the 6 free online workout channels to stay fit at home we’ve listed below and let us know how it goes. Or, if you’ve got something else, leave us a comment so we can try it, too.

The List

  • MadFit
    • Full-body to targeted areas, Maddie’s workouts are challenging but fun. She has a lot of no-jumping, apartment-friendly workouts, so you won’t bother the people living below you.
  • Yoga with Adrienne
    • Adrienne teaches yoga that’s accessible for everyone. From beginner to advanced yogi, from 15-minute classes to one-hour, you’ll find something that you’ll like.
  • Fitness Blender
    • Quick 10-minute abs to 1000-calorie-burn classes, Fitness Blender has a workout for everyone. They have a lot of no-equipment workouts, too.
  • Les Mills
    • With classes called Body Combat, Body Balance, and Body Pump, you’ll be sure to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Shake your groove thing with music and moves to make you sweat.
  • Katie B Happy
    • Yoga, dance, breath work, inspiration, and motivation, what more do you need. But, seriously, these all-around-good-for-you classes will leave you feeling happy.
  • Jeremy Either
    • If you like to know the science behind the exercises you’re doing and how they can result in body transformation, Jeremy’s channel is for you.
woman doing free online workouts to stay fit

What are you doing to stay fit at home?

What workouts are you doing? Who are you following on YouTube? How else are you staying fit while staying at home? We want to hear from you and your tips! Drop us a note so we can check out your favorite ways to stay fit at home.

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