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Quick Trips From Tbilisi

Quick trips from Tbilisi
Photo courtesy of Marlee Kobzej

Since international travel is restricted, limited, or unwelcomed right now due to COVID-19, some of us are really quite lucky to be “stuck” somewhere awesome—like those of us in the country of Georgia. International travel may be out of the question, but travel within Georgia is allowed. There are so many quick trips from Tbilisi that we can’t possible list them all. But, here are a few of our favorites focusing on the natural splendor Georgia has to provide.

Algeti National Park

Algeti National Park

It’s only an hour outside of Tbilisi, but you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere when you get to Algeti. There are five trails that meander through forest and open fields. You’ll hear birds sing, see lizards scurry through the rocks, and breathe fresh, clean, sweet air.

Dashbashi Canyon

Visit Dashbashi Canyon for a quick trip from Tbilisi

Wow. Gorgeous. Splendid. Amazing. All words that we use to describe the wall of waterfalls in Dashbashi Canyon. Instagram kings and queens love the backdrop that Dashbashi provides, and for good reason. This canyon is truly worth a visit. However, if you enjoy unspoiled nature, get here sooner rather than later: there is a glass bridge being built across the canyon that will change the landscape forever.

Paravani Lake

Pasanauri Lake

Swim in the summer, walk across the frozen lake in the winter. No matter what time of year you visit this large lake, Paravani’s natural beauty will captivate you. There are small villages along the way where you can stop and buy freshly caught fish and have the locals cook it up for you. Or, bring a picnic and enjoy your meal as you languidly sit by the water.

Martvili Canyon 

Martvili Canyon

You may plan for a one-, two-or three-day trip from Tbilisi to explore Martvili Canyon and the Black Sea coast, since they are relatively close to one another. The water in the canyon is crystal clear and the color morphs from teal to jade to cobalt depending on the light. There is no swimming allowed, but you can take the short boat ride through the canyon and walk the trail that has two bridges, three viewing platforms, and a 30-step natural limestone staircase.

Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani National Park

If you’ve got the stamina, you can do Vashlovani in one day, but we’d recommend at least two days so you can take your time. Also, we highly recommend hiring a guide because it can be very easy to get lost. The landscape in Vashlovani seems otherworldly. Its semi-desert ecosystem, complete with wind and water sculpted rock formations, a savannah for gazelles and leopards to bound through, and the rushing waters of the Alazani and Lori Rivers, will leave you awestricken.

Come to Georgia…If You Can

Wander-Lush and CultureTrip have lots more suggestions for quick trips from Tbilisi for you to check out. Whether you’re looking for city, beach, countryside, or remote villages, Georgia has it all.

At the time of posting, Georgia is allowing passport holders of France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to visit unrestrictedly. Otherwise, you could look into the freelancer visa or the business-visitor visa to get here.

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