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Summer in Georgia: Your Next Remote Work Destination

Cover Photo: https://www.remotelands.com/itinerary/georgia-hiking-the-greater-caucasus

Ideal weather conditions

Summer is the perfect time to visit Georgia as the weather is warm and sunny. From June to August, temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C, making it an ideal temperature for outdoor activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and enjoying a cup of coffee on a café terrace. The warm weather allows visitors to comfortably explore the city, while still being able to take in the sights and sounds of Tbilisi.

Avoid the crowds

If you’re looking to avoid the summer crowds in Tbilisi, Georgia, consider taking a trip to the Georgian mountains. During the summer months of June to August, many tourists flock to the city, making it a bustling hub.

Do what the Georgians do and escape to the mountains, where you can enjoy the fresh air and stunning views while avoiding the crowds. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy, such as hiking, camping, and swimming in the cool mountain streams.

Photo: https://againstthecompass.com/en/packing-list-trekking-georgia/

Music festivals

Georgia is a land of music, and during the summer months, the country comes alive with an array of exciting music festivals. From traditional Georgian music to international acts, there is something for everyone.

One of the most well-known festivals is the Tbilisi Open Air festival, which takes place in June and features a mix of local and international musicians, including rock, pop, and electronic music. Another popular event is the Black Sea Jazz Festival, held in July in Batumi, which attracts jazz lovers from around the world.

For those interested in traditional Georgian music, the Tsinandali Festival, held in August in the Kakheti region, is a must-visit. The festival showcases a variety of Georgian folk music, including choral and instrumental performances. Whether you’re a music lover or just looking for a fun summer activity, the music festivals in Georgia are a great way to experience the country’s rich culture and vibrant energy.

For the culture enthusiasts!

Summer in Georgia is a season of vibrant cultural festivals that celebrate the country’s rich traditions and heritage.

The Shukhuti Festival, which takes place in July in the village of Shukhuti, is another cultural event that showcases the traditional music and dance of Georgia’s different regions. Other notable festivals include the Kolkheti Fruit Festival, and the Khevsureti Festival, which celebrates the culture of the Khevsur people in the mountainous region of Khevsureti. With so many cultural festivals to choose from, there’s always something happening in Georgia during the summer months.

One of the most popular cultural events that’s worth attending is the Art Gene festival, which is held in August in the seaside town of Batumi. It’s a unique festival that combines art, music, and ecology, and features a variety of performances, installations, and workshops.

Photo: Agenda.ge

Did we Mention… It’s Instagram-able!!

Georgia is a country with breathtaking natural beauty and photogenic spots that are a must-see for any traveler. During the summer, there are many Insta-worthy locations that are at their best, such as the vineyards in Kakheti, the Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi, and the colorful streets of Tbilisi’s Old Town. The mountainous regions of Georgia offer stunning views of snow-capped peaks and valleys, while the Black Sea coast provides picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters. Whether you are an avid photographer or simply looking for a beautiful backdrop for your summer vacation photos, Georgia offers a wealth of stunning locations that will leave you in awe.

road to tusheti
Tusheti Road – Agenda.GE

In addition to the popular tourist destinations, Georgia has many lesser-known spots that are equally beautiful and worth exploring. One such place is Tusheti, a mountainous region located in the northeastern part of the country.

The road to Tusheti is only accessible during the summer months, making it a hidden gem for tourists. The region is known for its breathtaking landscapes, including the towering Caucasus Mountains, deep river valleys, and picturesque villages. Tusheti is also home to the unique culture of the local Tush people, who have preserved their traditions and way of life for centuries. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Tusheti is definitely worth a visit during the summer.

Pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an
unforgettable Summer in this charming city.


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