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Tbilisi on a Budget

Exploring Green Spaces In Tbilisi

Whether you’re new to Tbilisi or just looking for someone else’s opinion, we’re going to lay out an agenda for two relaxing days that will take you to some of the best green spaces in Tbilisi. Better yet, we’re going to lay out two days where you only spend around $20 per day. You’ll go to some of our favorite places and may discover something new.


Fast-food Breakfast in Vake Park

With so many stalls and vendors serving up traditional Georgian fast food, you won’t ever go hungry at any time of the day. Sweet and savory, mostly bread-based foods will keep you fueled for hours. Lobiani, khachapuri, napoleon, croissants, apple strudel, cakes, muffins…grab a few things for breakfast and a couple for lunch. One of our favorite vendors, Bread House, is located around 59 Berdzenishvili Street, but, like so many places, this one needs some extra directions. This vendor is on the west side of Berdzenishvili (same side of the street as the nearby Spar), in between Paliashvili and Mosashvili. After snagging your food, head to the nearby Entree to get coffee and then to Vake Park to bask in the sun while enjoying the fine crumb of your bakery items.

Four bakery items 12 Lari ~$4, Espresso from Entree 6 Lari ~$3. Total 18 Lari ~$6.

Open Air Museum of Ethnography

This park-like museum has houses and artifacts from different Georgian regions and cultures. You’ll be surprised at how much diversity in architecture and design such a small country has. From Wikipedia: “The exhibition features the traditional darbazi-type and fiat-roofed stone houses from eastern Georgiaopenwork wooden houses with gable roofs of straw or boards from western Georgia; watchtowers from the mountainous provinces of KhevsuretiPshavi, and SvanetiMegrelian and Imeretian wattle maize storages; Kakhetian wineries (marani); and Kartlian water mills.”

Entrance fee 12 Gel ~ $4

Walk around Turtle Lake

Just up the hill from the museum is Turtle Lake. You can take in the panoramic views of the city, walk along the 1-kilometer paved path around the lake, or get your heart rate up a little more by tackling some of the trails that meander through the hills. We suggest a drink in a café before or after your walk. It’s probably time for some wine or coffee at this point. 

Glass of house wine 6 gel ~$2 

Picnic lunch in Mziuri Park

Those bakery items from this morning are probably calling your name by now, so head back down the hill from the lake via the cable car. For just 1 Lari, your descent to Chavchavadze Avenue will be swift and painless. Or, you can choose to walk down, which will take approximately one hour. Once on Chavchavadze, head east to Mziuri Park, another lovely green space in Tbilisi. This one is brand new and boasts several kilometers of walking paths, a small pond, benches galore, and kids play equipment. Relax here while you eat lunch. And we highly recommend a nap at this point. 

Cable car 1 Lari ~$0.30

A stroll along Chavchavadze 

Chavchavadze Avenue’s renovation was completed in 2020. It’s pedestrian friendly with wide sidewalks, mature trees and shrubbery, plenty of benches to rest, and a great fountain at the west end. There’s plenty of stores for you to stop into, or just enjoy window shopping as you meander.   

Dinner @ Cecelia 

We won’t pretend that bakery items are sufficient to sustain you all evening, so now it’s time to head to one of our favorite restaurants in Tbilisi – Cecelia. It’s high quality Georgian food, fairly priced, and consistently good. They have great outdoor seating options, which we love to take advantage of anytime of the year. Plus, Cecelia has some of the best khinkali in town. 

Tomato and cucumber salad 11 Lari ~$3, 10 khinkali 12 Lari ~$4. Total 23 Lari ~$7.
“Firm” or fried khinkali

After dinner drinks @ Wine Library

And, of course, you can’t end an evening out on the town without a glass of Georgian wine. Wine Library has a stellar selection for any price range. Wine Library is small compared to the better known (and nearby) 8000 Vintages, but we’re sure you’ll find something you like. There are a couple of small bistro tables outside or you can sit inside.

Glass of wine 6 Lari ~$2
Saturday Total 66 Lari ~$22


Saturday was a full day of exploring green spaces in Tbilisi, so we’re going to take it a little slower today and only visit a couple of places. Take some snacks and water with you or you can buy some along the way.

Brunch @ Café Gardenia

We’ll continue our theme of green spaces in Tbilisi with brunch at Café Gardenia (Gardenia Shevardnadze). Part botanic garden, part garden shop, part café, but all Instagram heaven, this place is a gorgeous respite from Tbilisi’s high energy. Wear some nice clothes because you will want to take pictures. The adjapsandali is very tasty and the bread that comes with it is hearty. Tea with jam is also one of our faves. The jam is homemade and seasonal so it will vary depending on what time of year you visit. When we went, they served strawberry, apple, and quince. Soooooo tasty!

Adjapsandali 12 Lari ~$4; Tea with homemade seasonal jam 8 Lari ~$2.50, Taxi ride with return 12 Lari ~$4. Total 32 Lari ~$10.50.

National Botanical Garden of Georgia

Nestled under the feet of Mother Georgia along Sololaki Ridge are the National Botanical Gardens. Established in 1636 as the royal gardens, the land has gone through many iterations, fires, fights, renovations, etc. But it has always remained a green space in Tbilisi. In 2020, the Gradens opened an adventure trail so bicyclists and pedestrians could explore the Tsavkisistskali River Gorge. This is another very lovely respite in the city. Take your time to stroll, relax, meander, take a nap, have coffee, whatever you need to unwind and enjoy the fresh air that all the trees in the area are producing.

Entrance fee 4 Lari ~$1.30, Espresso 5 Lari ~$1.50. Total 9 Lari ~$3.

Dinner @ Maspindzelo

This restaurant is right along a busy thoroughfare but the trees help reduce the noise. It’s very popular with locals and tourists alike and for good reason. You’ll find all the staple Georgian dishes. We recommend to try two of our favorite dishes: eggplant with walnuts and lobio (beans in clay pot). A cool glass on house white wine is all you need to end the weekend.

Eggplant with walnuts 9 Lari ~$3, Lobio 6 Lari ~$2, Glass of house wine 6 Lari ~$2. Total 21 Lari ~$7.
Sunday Total 62 Lari ~$21

LOKAL’s Favorite Green Space

We love what the city has to offer in terms of green spaces, but did you know LOKAL also has an awesome garden?! We’ve got little nooks, tables, and chairs so you can be productive amongst the greenery. Come hang out in our green space!


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