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Finding a Community Can Help Kick the COVID Blues

benefits of community

COVID-19 has had all sorts of effects on people–and what you hear about most are the negative influences the virus has had on people’s lives and lifestyles. The thing is is that the effects are so wide spread and ubiquitous that the old saying “you’re not alone” is very, very true. The virus has impacted everyone. While that’s really sad to say, what it does create is a shared experience that everyone can relate to. Shared experiences create community and community creates support. The benefits of community can help you kick the blues or negative emotions you may be feeling.

How to find community

But, let’s not let the shared experience of COVID be the only thing that brings us together. Let’s instead build community from the togetherness in activities that we do, camaraderie in the things we learn, and friendship in the conversations we have IRL or virtually. You can find community everywhere you go. Knowing where to look is the beginning. Here are a few places we think are worth a look.

Cowork or coliving places. LOKAL in Tbilisi is (of course) where we recommend to go for community. But you can search cowork or colive + your city for personalized results.

Facebook. All sorts of organizations, venues, bars, cafes, etc. list their events on FB. Search events in your city to find something to do and maybe some likeminded people.

MeetUp. According to MeetUp, you can “discover events for all the things you love.” Book clubs, outdoor enthusiasm, food adventures, or dancing, you probably can find a community for your interests.

Internations. Slightly more professional than some of the others we’ve listed, Internations’ goal is to connect global minds. You will have to pay for a membership for full access to their events.

Read about it from others

Finding a community to connect with brings all sorts of good health benefits. But don’t take just our friendly word for it. Read it from the others who reiterate the benefits of community.

Head to Health out of Australia says community can bring purpose to your life, improve your self-worth, and bring greater joy to your life.

Jonathan Chan offers his opinion of how community helped him as an entrepreneur. Networking, expanding knowledge, and getting inspiration are just a few.

The National Alliance on Mental Health says there are benefits of community like belonging , support, and purpose.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says community is a good way to cope with stress.

Community event at LOKAL

LOKAL—your community

If you’re struggling with the COVID blues, we’d love to help you get through it. Reach out or come to one of our events to be around people, learn something, watch a movie, work with others, or relax at Patio Cafe.


LOKAL’s cowork and colive are closed right now (for more information, please read our announcement.)

But we are still keeping the LOKAL community going with our partner events! Check out our calendar below: